How to Earn Cryptocurrency in Benin

how to earn cryptocurrency in Benin

Cryptocurrency is now one of the world’s leading methods for digital transactions. Although not yet perfected, many countries, organizations, and individuals have become invested in cryptocurrency. Because of this, the most desired currencies, which are finite, have increased in price in recent times. This makes it difficult to purchase one. But buying is not the only way of earning a cryptocurrency.

Benin city in Nigeria is one of the cities that is well known for its activities in cryptocurrency. There are many crypto exchanges in Benin city  and the transaction levels of cryptocurrency there are high. So how do you earn cryptocurrency in this city despite the expensive price?

5 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency in Benin City

There are various ways to earn cryptocurrency in Benin city. Let us now consider some of the methods –

1.     Signing with a crypto exchange

A crypto exchange is a marketplace where digital currencies are bought and sold for digital currencies or conventional money. These exchanges are mostly online platforms.

Many crypto exchanges will gift you some amount of crypto immediately after signing up with them. This method of getting cryptocurrency is the cheapest and the easiest. Finding the best exchange platform and earning some free coins is not a tasking activity as there are many trustworthy exchanges around. Some of these exchanges are Coinbase, Gemini, and

Some of these exchanges carry out promotional offers so it’ll be wise if you keep updated to benefit from these exchanges.

2.     Rewards

Some websites have promotional offers in which they offer to teach you about crypto and allow you to earn some. In this short course, you might be required to take a quiz and watch videos to earn crypto rewards.

Coinbase is one of these sites. Another is The only disadvantage to these free rewards is that the coin you might be rewarded with may not be the cryptocurrency you desire.

3.     Staking

If you want to stack coins up, or you are a long-term investor, crypto staking will help you earn money continually. Even if you’re not a long-term investor, crypto staking will prove to be a benefit to you. The rewards vary and they are higher for coins with more demand.

For cryptocurrencies that use “proof-of-stake” to control their decentralized system, such as Ethereum, it allows the owners of the currency to join in as a validator and make money by staking their coins while supporting the project.

4.     Airdrops

To promote a new cryptocurrency, the coin developers may decide to do a giveaway, which is known as an airdrop. They do this to generate interest and boost the currency’s performance against others.

To win an airdrop, you might be required to carry out some tasks, which could be either following a particular social media account (that connects to the project definitely) or creating awareness. Do these tasks and you might find yourself being rewarded with crypto coins. However, most airdrops today are scams and the rewards are worthless.

5.     Surveys and Web Surfing

Some websites ask you to take surveys while they offer cryptocurrency as a reward or prize for the survey. At times it’s left to you to decide in what form you want your reward. Either crypto or gift cards, or dollars, etc.

To earn crypto while surfing the web, you may need to use a certain web browser. An example is Brave browser. This browser provides the option to view ads in exchange for cryptocurrency. It is nice to get paid as you browse.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency, from exchanges to airdrops and surveys. However, you need to keep an eye out for trusted services because scams are not new to the crypto world. Ensure you’re earning from a trusted site or you might end up losing your crypto.

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