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Rather than hop on the bandwagon of the several global exchange platforms out there, we at Ehis Exchange, are here to render services tailored to our clients in Benin City, Nigeria.

Our exchange platform is an accessible and transparent platform that ensures the security and convenience of every cryptocurrency transaction you carry out. This works in line with our mission to strengthen the pre-existing crypto-economy here in Benin city.

Our Mission

With the belief that Cryptocurrency transactions should be flexible and secure, and with a clear vision in sight, we strive to make our clients see our exchange platform as the right means to this end.

We believe that if every individual could have their finances unmanipulated by others and readily accessible to them, there would be a lot more financial freedom and development. This would empower individuals in some way and pave the way to better living.

Fortunately, the use of cryptocurrency is still very much legal in Benin city. Therefore, we make it our aim to help users get the best of it.

We equally strive to ensure that our clients trust us to assist them when needed. To do this we make the following a part of our culture–
bitcoin digital cryptocurrency in Benin

To do this we make the following a part of our culture –

Seamless communication

To ensure that there is a seamless collaboration between both parties, we ensure that information is delivered succinctly, thus paving the way for ample productivity.

Constant growth

Every individual on the team bears in mind that there is always room for growth. Therefore, as a team, we look forward to your candid feedback and enact changes where necessary, seeing every flaw as an opportunity to improve and grow. This goes hand in hand with our constant effort to reinvent and further build ourselves as a company.

Cream of the crop team

Our team of talents works hand in hand with up-to-date technology and is ever-ready to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. With each solution efficiently developed, each member of our team with a remarkable performance gets a fine incentive. This builds the morale of the team making each individual ready to mount the next task.

"Swift, Efficient, & Reliable "


The value of our clients at Ehis Exchange can not be over-flogged. Seeing as we are here at your service, our clients all sit on a pedestal from our point of view. With this in mind, we painstakingly channel the best of our efforts and technology to facilitate your cryptocurrency acquisition, trade, and secure storage. Before taking any action, we as a team ask ourselves the impact that the proposed action would have on our valued clients.

Efficient Delivery

Following our carefully drafted workflow, we ensure to thoroughly examine the best line of action to take to deliver quality services to our esteemed clients.

Optimistic energy

Keeping every individual on our team gingered creates a generally optimistic atmosphere. Under these positive conditions, we focus on developing solutions rather than casting blames and criticism. With our energy levels at max, we are an ever-ready team seeking to lead you into the future of the crypto-economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With our clients topping our priority list, we have made all processes user-intuitive. This way, by following the labeled steps, you can easily start with us.

We guarantee a maximum response delay of 24 hours. With the main focus on our client’s satisfaction, we ensure to make you wait as little as possible. Therefore, we render quick responses.

Aside from the actual cost of your cryptocurrency transactions, we ensure that whatever fees you may have to pay are not outrageous.

Although our aim at Ehis Exchange is to become the leading crypto exchange platform in Benin City, we strive to extend equal convenience and security of crypto transactions to individuals in its environs.


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